How To Canning

How To Canning

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How To Canning

Welcome to "". Here, we'll introduce you to everything related to home canning. Canning your own fruits, vegetables and meats in the convenience of your own home is easier than you may think. Before commercially processed foods were readily available, our great-grandparents canned their own foods from their gardens. Not much has changed since then in terms of technique, so why not take a step back in time and discover the wonder of home preserving.

To get you started on your canning journey, lets examine the two types of canning techniques: Water Bath Canning and Pressure Canning. Each have their own uses, and knowing which application is right for which types of food will save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars of spoiled goods.

Water Bath Canning is for canning more acidic things like pickles, tomatoes, and fruit jams. Water bath canning requires few tools, namely just jars full of food and a large pot of boiling water. To process the food, you simply place the closed jar in the boiling water and boil it for a pre-determined amount of time. When the jars are removed, the difference in temperature will seal them, preserving your acidic foods for years.

Pressure Canning is used for canning less acidic things like Vegetables, Meats, and Salsa. Pressure canning requires the use of a special pressure canner. They can be found in certain department stores or online. Pressure canners can be quite expensive, but they are well worth the cost. When you buy a pressure canner, look for one with a removable seal and varying weights. Choosing a name brand is always a good idea in case you need replacement parts in the future.

Canning has been a favorite technique amongst home preservers for generations. Using canning jars is a sustainable way to preserve your vegetables and favorite recipes. The jars are made of glass, the lids and rings are made of metal. All of the materials are recyclable, making them an excellent, environmentally friendly investment. Unlike freezing, canned goods are shelf-stable and will survive any type of disaster that disconnects the power for days on end.

Ball, one of the major canning supply distributors, offers more varieties of canning jars than any other brand. They offer 3 varieties of jelly jars, available in 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz sizes. All of their jelly jars are freezer safe. They also have a pint and half pint freezer safe jar. Beyond freezer safe jars, they also offer jars in pint, quart, and half gallon sizes. Ball offers two mouth styles on their jars, either regular mouth or wide mouth.

In addition to jelly jars and other canning jars, Ball also has a full line of canning accessories such as jar lifters, funnels, labels, and canning racks. They also sell replacement rings and lids that fit not only Ball jars, but other brands as well. Ball also produces pectin, pickling mixes, and tomato mixes for easy, delicious recipes.

There are a number of canning jar sizes available to accommodate your canning needs.

They include:

Jelly Jars (4oz): The 4 ounce Jelly Jar is the smallest canning jar Ball makes and is suitable for small gifts.

Jelly Jars (8oz): The next size up is the 8 ounce Jelly Jar which is double the size of its predecessor. It too makes for suitable gifts for people you care more about.

Jelly Jars (12oz): The 12 ounce Jelly Jar is the largest "Jelly" Jar Ball makes. Although they do make larger canning jars that you could still use to can jelly.

Half Pint (8oz): This product line isn't made with the intention for canning jelly, and is probably more used for pickles but it works just the same.

Pint (16oz): This canning jar is the most common one. You can can just about anything in this jar.

Quart (32oz): This is the largest canning jar Ball makes. You could use this one to can the largest pickles and vegetables in.

As you can see, canning jars come in just about every variety and size, you could possibly ever want for your canning needs.  Plan your next canning project knowing that Ball will provide the canning jar that will perfectly fit your desire, whether you’re making jam or very large pickles.